DEMO 2014

by Dope Fiend

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released November 29, 2014

Recorded by: Matt Bell and Hunter Pinkston at Hunter's/Ryan's/Matt's House



all rights reserved


Dope Fiend Albany, Georgia


No one put us on, we came up the hard way...

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Track Name: Boiling
The blood is boiling inside my head
The bridge I burned, the flames you fed
At first I thought, friendship I'd lost
But then I realized, our bond you fucking tossed

Look at me, and tell me, that you're still the same
Look at me, and tell me, I know your game

Look at me and tell me that you made the right choice
The words of your addiction speak louder than your voice
What'd you expect to gain from this?
Besides a premature grave or a life turned into shit
Track Name: Kill Me
Nowhere to go, nowhere to turn
You fucking feed on watching me burn
These empty thoughts are empty stares
Held out my hand but there was no one there

Want your name off my tongue, sick of your face on my brain
Broken heart on my sleeve, drove myself insane

Bled myself dry trying to find the warmth I could not feel inside
Now fall to my knees, forever damned because I let you kill me

Nowhere to go, nowhere to turn
Another lesson I won't ever learn
These empty thoughts, inside my head
So much to say but you don't care

Now I'll fucking learn
Track Name: Snake In The Grass
Sick to death, of all your empty threats
The shit you spit, don't mean a thing to me
Talked too much, ran your mouth
You dug a hole, six feet south
Yellow belly ,coward
Yellow belly, snake in the grass
Yellow belly, you're on my list

High and mighty with the rats and you think you're so safe,
When I catch you alone, that won't be the case
I'll shove my boot up your ass, and my fist through your head
Run and hide you fucking punk, you're better off dead
Track Name: Big Shot
I kept my promise, when you broke yours
I've seen your kind, so much before
Trashed the oath, fuck you both
Don't try to tell me that you're better than me, you make me sick, you're dirt under my feet

I'm still here and you're not, time proved you're not such a big shot
You can't lie to be something you're not
Track Name: R.I.P (Rot In Peace)
Never gave a damn about me at all, spit in my face and then you watched me fall
Stuck the knife in, twisted it deep, I want to put you in a never ending sleep

Another day, another crime
Don't look at me like everything's fine
The door is shut, so don't come back
Another soul has been ripped in half

Made your choice now you die
I want you to burn
Found my self so distant
Let me rot in peace